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crazydeveloper Basic Difference Between WCF Rest and ASP.Net WebAPI

Hi friends, today we all develop & use "Service Based Application". Now a days Rest Full Service are so popular. There are two famous technology used in .Net Framework to develop Rest Full Services.

1. ASP.Net Web API

2. WCF Rest

What is the ASP. NET Web API?

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28 January 2016

crazydeveloper How to pass javascript object into Web API

ASP.NET Web API is one of the most powerful recent addition to ASP.NET framework. Sometimes, you have to post a form data using jQuery-JSON to Web API or MVC method, which have so many input fields. Passing each and every input field data as a separate parameter is not good practice, even when you have a strongly typed-view. The best practice is, pass a complex type object for all the input fields to the server side to remove complexity.

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27 April 2015

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