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crazydeveloper Introduction of WCF Bindings

Hi friends after basic difference of WCF & ASP.Net WebAPI today we will move ahead to know the binding and their importance in WCF. When we talk about WCF, binding play the important role to select specific WCF service in our application. If we want to use WCF, should have to identify the all types of bindings in WCF. All bindings are designed to fulfil some specific need. Even we can defined own custom binding to achieve specific requirement.

All in-built bindings are defined in the System.ServiceModel Namespace. Today we will discuss all pre-defined bindings in WCF. There are 10 types of bindings available in WCF.

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31 January 2016

crazydeveloper What is WCF - Introduction

WCF is a combined feature of Web Service, Remoting, MSMQ and COM+.  Its provide a single platform for all .Net Communication.

WCF - Window Communication Foundation( code name is INDIGO) . It is used for network-distributed services syetem.

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26 April 2015

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