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crazydeveloper Azure IoT Edge High Level Design

Azure IoT Edge High Level Design

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21 February 2021

crazydeveloper Comparison and Evolution History of C#

What is C#?

C# is pronounced as “See Sharp”. It is object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft which runs under .NET platform. Its syntax is similar to C++ or Java. It's most recent version C# 5.0 was released on August 15, 2012. It is widely used for developing web application, windows application, smart phone apps and games etc.

The advantageous features of C#:

  1. C# offers cross language interoperability or mixed language programming (Java lacking).

  2. C# directly supports windows operating system (Java lacking).

  3. C# is component-oriented language integrated support for writing of software support.

  4. C# support pointer as unsafe (Java lacking it).

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19 February 2016

crazydeveloper Importance of Generics in C#

In previous article we discussed about Collection in C#. After this article I felt that we also need to start discussion about "Generics". Now move a step ahead with discussion and today we will start discussion one of the most important chapter in C#.

But first, here’s an important question: "What is the most important point consider when we start coding in C#"?

Any guess.......

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28 August 2015

crazydeveloper Can an abstract class have a constructor?

Can an abstract class have a constructor?

Hi guys, today we will discuss some unclear concept of abstract class. Tell me one thing that, can an abstract class have a constructor? If your answer is yes then what is the use?

Most of times we heard what is an abstract class, use of an abstract class and difference between abstract class and interface? Today we will move forward and discuss a new topic, constructor in an abstract class and their use.

First I give you answer what I asked, yes an abstract class can have a constructor. Confused?

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27 June 2015

crazydeveloper Insert data from XML to database

Today someone asked me, how to insert data from XML to Database?

Now we are going to insert the values of an XML file to a Database Table using SQL Insert Command . Here the Dataset using an XmlReader for read the content of the XML file - SampleProduct.XML . Locate the XML file using XmlReader and pass the XmlReader as argument of Dataset. Also establish a connection to the Database using a connectionstring . After getting the data from XML file to the Dataset , we can loop through the dataset values and use insert command to add the values to the Product table in the Databse...

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21 June 2015

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