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crazydeveloper Interview Question of ref and out keywords

Now a days in interview in C# this question is frequently ask that " What is the difference between ref and out parameter". In C#, a method can return only one value. If you like to return more than one value, you can use the ref & out keyword Here I will explain that....

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29 April 2015

crazydeveloper AngularJS Interview Question

Q1: Directives can be applied to which all element type?

Q2. What is notion of “isolate” scope object when creating a custom directive? How is it different from the normal scope object?


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27 April 2015

crazydeveloper Javascript support Integer type?

JavaScript does not support an integer type. All numbers in JavaScript are stored in 64-bit floating point format i.e. double precision floating point.

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27 April 2015

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