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crazydeveloper Basic rules of Software Design

Whenever we start to develop or design any software before that we must have knowledge about "Basic rules of Software Design".

We can divide Software Design into two part:

1. Software Design Principles

2. Software Design Patterns

The final goal of any engineering activity is to create some kind of documentation. When a design effort is complete, the design documentation is given to the manufacturing team. This is a different set of people with a different set of skills from those of the design team. If the design documents truly represent a complete design, the manufacturing team can proceed to build the product. In fact, they can proceed to build much of the product without further assistance from the designers. After reviewing the software development life cycle today, it appears that the only software documentation that actually seems to satisfy the criteria of an engineering design are the source code listings.

( JackReeves)

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06 January 2016

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