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crazydeveloper Bundling & Minification in Web Application

Now a days, we read a lots of discussion about Bundling and Minification. By name we can guess these are two important techniques for web development.

I'd like to discussion why we need to Bundling & Minification and how we can do that? We start with "Why we need Bundling in our application?"

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15 August 2015

crazydeveloper Stack & Heap - Behind the scene in .Net Framework

One of the most essential parts of coding in the .NET Framework is "Variable Declaration".  In order to understand the importance of this term, we’ll need to explore a few other terms which are fundamental to .NET, and to some extent, programming in general.  So, in the next few articles, we’ll be discussing:

"Stack & Heap", "Value types & Reference types" and "Boxing & Unboxing".

The three terms above are related to each other.  If we’re planning on talking about Variable Declaration, at the very least we need to know the core concepts of those terms.  They all point to a couple of important questions:  “What goes into a variable once we declare it?” and “What happens to that variable when we’re done with it?”

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05 August 2015

crazydeveloper Garbage Collection in .Net Framework

Memory management is the main concern for any application whether application is window based or web based. In .Net, CLR has garbage collector that executes as a part of our program and responsible for reclaiming the memory of no longer used objects. Garbage collector free the memory for objects that are no longer referenced and keeps the memory for future allocations.

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27 April 2015

crazydeveloper Finalize and Dispose in .Net Framework

.NET Framework provides two methods Finalize and Dispose for releasing unmanaged resources like files, database connections, COM etc. This article helps you to understand the difference between Finalize and Dispose method.

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27 April 2015

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