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crazydeveloper New features in C# - String interpolation

New features in C# - String interpolation

C# 6.0 introduce with new feature "String Interpolation", which give you more control to format your string in easily way.

Before this feature when we want to do this we used numbered placeholders like {0} in the format string, which must line up with separately supplied arguments:.......

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26 May 2015

crazydeveloper How to make sure security of user login password

Whenever we develop any application we have user account system. Every time we want to make them secure so they can't be hacked. Today we will understand this process

why we need that and how we can do that in details. Before going to start if I missed any part they your suggestions is most welcome.

As per secure logging system hashing technique is so popular to implement that, but there are lots of conflicting ideas or we can say misconceptions that how to do password hashing in right way. If we googling this on internet we found lots of information and that makes confused to implement in right way. So today we will discuss to implement not only right way but also why we need to implement that.

So the first question comes into our mind is that "What is Password Hashing?"

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23 May 2015

crazydeveloper Main Features of AngularJS

AngularJS is JavaScript Framework. It has predefined directives which help us to develope web application base on this framework. First we will describe the core directives of AngularJS which must need to develope application.

  1. ng-app :-  It is start point of AngularJS application. We defined this on start point and pass the module name with this.
  2. ng-init :-  It is use to initialize the data on application start.
  3. ng-controller :- It is use to coupled view with controller.
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20 May 2015

crazydeveloper MVC Request Life Cycle

While programming with MVC, you should be aware of the life of an MVC request from birth to death. In this article, I am going to expose the MVC Request Life cycle. There are seven main steps that happen when you make a request to an MVC web applications.

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14 May 2015

crazydeveloper What is the use of Var Keyword in c#

Var keyword is an implicit way of defining data type. C# 3.0 adds the interesting behavior of Declaring Local Variables Implicitly. In simple word var keyword look the data in right hand side then create appropriate data type.

var keyword define data type statically in compile time  not on runtime.The primary reason for its existence is the introduction of anonymous types in C#

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07 May 2015

crazydeveloper Boxing and Unboxing in C#

Boxing is the way to convert a value type to the type object or  to any interface type implemented  by this value type. Simply we can can say that convert value type to reference type. When boxing is in process CLR boxes a value type and wrap the value inside a System.Object. It is an implicit conversion.

Unboxing is the same opposite of  boxing, it converts the type object to the value type or we can say convert reference type to value type.Unboxing is an explicit conversion from the object type to the value type or an interface type to the value type.

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07 May 2015

crazydeveloper Async Feature in C# 5.0

async & await two keywords introduce in C# 5.0. Which allowed you to write asynchronous  Programming in easily and proper way. Before this writing an asynchronous  Programming is complicated with callback function.

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06 May 2015

crazydeveloper Extension Methods in C#

Extension is great feature of C# 3.0. It's allow you to extend existing type class with new functionality, without having to sub-class or recompile the old type.

So we can say that Extension methods help us to add new methods to existing types without modifying the original code, inheriting or aggregating ....

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06 May 2015

crazydeveloper Binding in AngularJS

AngularJS has two types of binding

a.)    One way binding

b.)    Two way  binding

In AngularJS different way to bind value in view:

1.)    Ng-model

2.)    Ng-bind

3.)    {{}}

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05 May 2015

crazydeveloper The Is and As Operators in C#

Type Casting is the mechanism to convert one data type to another. While type casting of one data type to another, we get exception if the previous one data type is not compatible with the new data type. To avoid this exception, we have IS and AS operator in C# for safe type casting. Let's understand how to use both of them...

IS operator check for Object Type.

AS operator convert between compatible type Object.

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30 April 2015

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