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crazydeveloper Events in AngularJS - $emit, $broadcast & $on

Hi friends, Events are so popular concepts in every programming language. In AngularJS we have also some events which help us to communicate between different Controllers.

We have the following events in our AngularJS:

$on: It helps us to listen the $broadcast & $emit events in AngularJS.

$broadcast: It helps us to dispatches the event downwards to all child scopes

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29 May 2015

crazydeveloper IEnumerator v/s IEnumerable in C#

IEnumerable vs IQueryable Interface. Both are Generic Interface and important with Collection. But most developer confused about their basic differentiate about IEnumerator over IEnumarable Interface.

We use both Interfaces to loop through the Collection. Even internally IEnumerable Interface used IEnumerator.

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27 September 2015

crazydeveloper Constant and ReadOnly and Static Variables in C#

These are very common keywords use in C# and are quite confusing. So today we will discuss these keywords and try to understand them.  Constant, Readonly and Static are keywords that are nearly the same in behavior but when we talk about their functioning they  are all different.

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17 June 2015

crazydeveloper Difference Between IQueryable and IEnumerable in C#

Hello, in the previous article we discussed about importance of Collection in C# and today we will start discuss some important part of Collection. In order to understand the better approach of Collection we need to know about IQueryable, IEnumerable & IList.

Here we have most important question for C# developer - "How we can decide, which a better for our requirements is?"

We always gets confused between IEnumerable and IQueryable. When it comes to writing code, both looks very similar. However there are many difference between them which needs to be taken care of while writing code.

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12 September 2015

crazydeveloper Importance and Use of Dynamic Polymorphism in C#

In today's world we implement lots of concept in our programming with the help of OOP. When we talk about OOP, Polymorphism & Inheritance are always on top priority. Polymorphism & inheritance are the main pillar of OOP concept. Today we will discuss about concepts of virtual, override, sealed, abstract and new keyword in C#. Here we have an important question- "With the help of these keywords, what we do in C#?"

Basically above keywords are used to implement the concept of Polymorphism in our C#. In order to understand the importance of these keywords and why we need that in our programming language, we will start discuss about - What is Polymorphism in OOP?

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17 June 2015

crazydeveloper Delegates in C# .Net

Hi, today we will discuss the most important feature of C# that is "Delegates". When we are coding with C#, it gives us some extra advantage to implement our business requirements. "Delegates" is the one of them, which gives you extra advantage in C#. Here we have the important question: What is delegates in C#?

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16 June 2015

crazydeveloper Importance of Generics in C#

In previous article we discussed about Collection in C#. After this article I felt that we also need to start discussion about "Generics". Now move a step ahead with discussion and today we will start discussion one of the most important chapter in C#.

But first, here’s an important question: "What is the most important point consider when we start coding in C#"?

Any guess.......

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28 August 2015

crazydeveloper Three Pillars of AngularJS Watch,Digest and Apply

Hi, today I'd like to discuss about "How AngularJS framework work with two-way binding"? AngularJS works with three main $scope level function $watch(), $digest() and $apply(). If we want to understand, what is AngulaJS? We should know the work of  these functions. These function are core functions or we can say heart of AngularJS. Or we can say these are three Pillars of AngularJS.

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19 May 2015

crazydeveloper Use and Importance of Collection in C#

Hi, today I'd like to discuss about "Collection in C#". In order to understand the importance of Collection and why we need that in our programming language, we'll need to look back into our time machine and should start journey from .Net Framework 2.0 to .Net Framework 4.5.
The first question come into our mind - Why we need Collection?
In many times we want to work with group of related objects. Before Collection we used Array for the same. If we can work with group of objects with array then why we need "Collection"?

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23 August 2015

crazydeveloper How to use Class concepts in JavaScript

JavaScript is a very flexible object-oriented language when it comes to syntax. In this article we can find several ways of defining and instantiating an object. We know that we can't use Class concepts directly like other languages in JavaScript.

It's important to note that there are no classes in JavaScript. Functions can be used to somewhat simulate classes, but in general JavaScript is a class-less language. Everything is an Object. And when it comes to inheritance, objects inherit from objects, not classes from classes as in the "class"-ical languages.

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22 August 2015

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