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crazydeveloper What is WCF - Introduction

WCF - Window Communication Foundation( code name is INDIGO) . It is used for network-distributed services syetem.

It is the latest service oriented technology; Interoperability is the fundamental characteristics of WCF. It is unified programming model provided in .Net Framework 3.0. WCF is a combined features of Web Service, Remoting, MSMQ and COM+. WCF provides a common platform for all .NET communication.

It is use for  building service-oriented is designed to address these requirements. WCF is part of .NET 3.0 and requires .NET 2.0, so it can only run on operation systems that support it.

We can send data as asynchronous messages from one service endpoint to another

Below image describe all details :-

  • WCF is interoperable with other services when compared to .Net Remoting,where the client and service have to be .Net.
  • WCF services provide better reliability and security in compared to ASMX web services.
  • Small changes in the configuration will fulfill your requirements for implementing the security model and changing the binding
  • WCF has integrated logging mechanism, changing the configuration file settings will provide this functionality. In other technology developer has to write the code

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