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crazydeveloper Adding Metatags on .cshtml Pages in MVC

Step 1

When we create a MVC4 Application using an Internet Template we get a "Shared" folder inside the "Views" folder on the root and in the "Shared" folder you will find a layout page named "_Layout.cshtml". Open that file.

Step 2

In the "_Layout.cshtml" page add a new section call inside the tag, as given below:


In the above image you can see that a section call is not required; in other words whenever we need metatags on a page we can define.

Step 3

Now, open you .cshtml page where you wish to add metatags and add the following section reference:

MVC Code

Step 4

Now, open the page in a browser and you will see your metatags in action.

MVC Code


We can also make these metatags dynamic, in other words we can control them from controllers.


public ActionResult Index()


    ViewBag.Message = "Modify this template to jump-start your ASP.NET MVC application.";

    ViewBag.MetaKeywords = "abc";

    ViewBag.MetaDescription = "abc";

    return View();


Section on .cshtml page

@section metatags {

    <meta name='keywords' content='@ViewBag.MetaKeywords'/>

    <meta name='description' content='@ViewBag.MetaDescription'/>


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