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crazydeveloper Three Pillars of AngularJS Watch,Digest and Apply

Hi, today I'd like to discuss about "How AngularJS framework work with two-way binding"? AngularJS works with three main $scope level function $watch(), $digest() and $apply(). If we want to understand, what is AngulaJS? We should know the work of  these functions. These function are core functions or we can say heart of AngularJS. Or we can say these are three Pillars of AngularJS.

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19 May 2015

crazydeveloper Use and Importance of Collection in C#

Hi, today I'd like to discuss about "Collection in C#". In order to understand the importance of Collection and why we need that in our programming language, we'll need to look back into our time machine and should start journey from .Net Framework 2.0 to .Net Framework 4.5.
The first question come into our mind - Why we need Collection?
In many times we want to work with group of related objects. Before Collection we used Array for the same. If we can work with group of objects with array then why we need "Collection"?

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23 August 2015

crazydeveloper How to use Class concepts in JavaScript

JavaScript is a very flexible object-oriented language when it comes to syntax. In this article we can find several ways of defining and instantiating an object. We know that we can't use Class concepts directly like other languages in JavaScript.

It's important to note that there are no classes in JavaScript. Functions can be used to somewhat simulate classes, but in general JavaScript is a class-less language. Everything is an Object. And when it comes to inheritance, objects inherit from objects, not classes from classes as in the "class"-ical languages.

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22 August 2015

crazydeveloper 3 ways to define a JavaScript class

JavaScript is a very flexible object-oriented language when it comes to syntax. In this article we can find three ways of defining and instantiating an object. Even if you have already picked your favorite way of doing it, it helps to know some alternatives in order to read other people's code.

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22 August 2015

crazydeveloper Data Structure and its Importance

Data Structure is process through which we can collect and organize data in best way as well as perform operation on that in most effective way. If we have good understanding of data structures then we are specialized in organizing and storing data. Data structure is designed to organized data to suit a specific purpose so we can access and perform operation with in appropriate ways.

There are mainly two types of data structure:

    a.) Primitive Data Structures.
    b.) Abstract Data Structure

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20 August 2015

crazydeveloper Volatile keyword in C#

Volatile keyword is so important in the .Net Framework. Here we have also an important question: "Why we need this keyword and what happen if we don't use this keyword in our application?"

Volatile keyword comes into frame in .Net Framework to solve this problem. When we declare any variable with Volatile keyword  thread access this variable from main memory location, means they don't create copy of variable into their local memory. I am very glad that C# has ensured that any volatile read or write is also an atomic read or write.

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19 August 2015

crazydeveloper WhatsApp Web: How does it work?

Whatsapp have launched an online/web version of their overly popular smartphone messaging app.

I was very much interested in seeing the architecture of this app because as far as we knew, they never stored messages on their server but all the data was only stored in users phone. So I started to look under the hood of the webapp and what we saw was a beauty.

First let me list down the FrameWorks they have used in creating this app.

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16 August 2015

crazydeveloper Bundling & Minification in Web Application

Now a days, we read a lots of discussion about Bundling and Minification. By name we can guess these are two important techniques for web development.

I'd like to discussion why we need to Bundling & Minification and how we can do that? We start with "Why we need Bundling in our application?"

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15 August 2015

crazydeveloper Steps to configure Gulp with Visual Studio

Some days before I gone through this requirement where I need to configure my current project from "Web essentials" to "Gulp". These two setting are to use "Bundling and minification". We will elaborate these concept in coming blog.

But in short words if I need to explain, want to say "improves load time by reducing the number of requests to the server and reducing the size of requested assets (such as CSS and JavaScript.)"

If we talk about "Gulpwe have an important question here:

What is Gulp & how it’s work?

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15 August 2015

crazydeveloper Javascript - Special numeric values: Infinity, NaN

When we talk about JavaScript, we always get different behaviour compare like other languges like in most languages, dividing a number by 0 throws an error and stops program execution. JavaScript however, returns a special infinity value, printed as Infinity, when the result of a numeric operation is larger than the largest representable number

Similarly, it returns a negative infinity value, printed as - Infinity, when the resulting negative value becomes more negative than the most negative representable number.

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10 August 2015

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