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crazydeveloper Chutzpah JavaScript Test Runner

"Chutzpah is an open source JavaScript test runner which enables you to run unit tests using QUnit, Jasmine, Mocha, CoffeeScript and TypeScript."

Chutzpah works by running the JavaScript unit tests inside of a headless browser. A headless browser is a web browser control which runs in the background.

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14 April 2016

crazydeveloper Comparison and Evolution History of C#

What is C#?

C# is pronounced as “See Sharp”. It is object oriented programming language developed by Microsoft which runs under .NET platform. Its syntax is similar to C++ or Java. It's most recent version C# 5.0 was released on August 15, 2012. It is widely used for developing web application, windows application, smart phone apps and games etc.

The advantageous features of C#:

  1. C# offers cross language interoperability or mixed language programming (Java lacking).

  2. C# directly supports windows operating system (Java lacking).

  3. C# is component-oriented language integrated support for writing of software support.

  4. C# support pointer as unsafe (Java lacking it).

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19 February 2016

crazydeveloper Introduction of WCF Bindings

Hi friends after basic difference of WCF & ASP.Net WebAPI today we will move ahead to know the binding and their importance in WCF. When we talk about WCF, binding play the important role to select specific WCF service in our application. If we want to use WCF, should have to identify the all types of bindings in WCF. All bindings are designed to fulfil some specific need. Even we can defined own custom binding to achieve specific requirement.

All in-built bindings are defined in the System.ServiceModel Namespace. Today we will discuss all pre-defined bindings in WCF. There are 10 types of bindings available in WCF.

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31 January 2016

crazydeveloper Basic Difference Between WCF Rest and ASP.Net WebAPI

Hi friends, today we all develop & use "Service Based Application". Now a days Rest Full Service are so popular. There are two famous technology used in .Net Framework to develop Rest Full Services.

1. ASP.Net Web API

2. WCF Rest

What is the ASP. NET Web API?

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28 January 2016

crazydeveloper Basic rules of Software Design

Whenever we start to develop or design any software before that we must have knowledge about "Basic rules of Software Design".

We can divide Software Design into two part:

1. Software Design Principles

2. Software Design Patterns

The final goal of any engineering activity is to create some kind of documentation. When a design effort is complete, the design documentation is given to the manufacturing team. This is a different set of people with a different set of skills from those of the design team. If the design documents truly represent a complete design, the manufacturing team can proceed to build the product. In fact, they can proceed to build much of the product without further assistance from the designers. After reviewing the software development life cycle today, it appears that the only software documentation that actually seems to satisfy the criteria of an engineering design are the source code listings.

( JackReeves)

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06 January 2016

crazydeveloper How AngularJS sync with browser?

Hi friend after lots of discussion about AngularJS today we will discuss the core concepts of AngularJS. First we decide the agenda of discussion

1. What is AngularJS?
2. How web browser works?
3. How AngularJS extends the browser?

We move ahead and start with the first point- "What is AngularJS?"

If we talk about AngularJS then we can say that "It is application development framework for single-page web application. This framework is developed in JavaScript to make the browser into super-browser". We can say it is like an extension of web browser. If we want to work on AngularJS we just need to include the references of AngularJS library files into out html page and start coding.

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29 December 2015

crazydeveloper Different Way to Improve AngularJS Application

AngularJS is an extensive framework and it includes some inbuilt performance enhancements that makes it easy for web developers to use it with minimal or no problems. However, these enhancements are not able to fix all the issues you could face when you are developing some apps. Many web developers are unaware of some of the key concepts that AngularJS can perform so well. Others do not understand these key concepts at all. This may make it possible for one to create a sluggish code even though the framework is capable of performing faster and better.

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28 December 2015

crazydeveloper Recursive Function & Data Structure

Hi friends, today we will discuss one of the famous function and their data structure. We have an important function in our programming language called  
"Recursive Functions". There are lots of question related this function so first we will answer these question then start further discussion about this function and their importance in our programming language.

First we have an important question "What is meant by recursive function?"

Ans: A recursive function (DEF) is a function which either calls itself or is in a potential cycle of function calls. As the definition specifies, there are two types of recursive functions. Consider a function which calls itself: we call this type of recursion immediate recursion.
(Reference : Google)

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11 December 2015

crazydeveloper The idea behind big O notation

Big O notation is the language we use for articulating how long an algorithm takes to run. It's how we compare the efficiency of different approaches to a problem.

With big O notation we express the runtime in terms of—brace yourself—how quickly it grows relative to the input, as the input gets arbitrarily large.

We express complexity using big-O notation. For a problem of size N:

  • A constant-time method is "order 1": O(1)
  • A linear-time method is "order N": O(N)
  • A quadratic-time method is "order N squared": O(N2)
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28 November 2015

crazydeveloper Decoupling with Delegates in C#

Hi friends, few days back we had discuss about the Delegate in C#. But I am still getting lots of mail, where they confused to explain about uses of Delegate in C#. Today we will try to understand what problem does Delegate solve, if we understand the problem domain then it will be so easy to explain the solution or we can say easy to map the delegate with problem and what Delegate all about in C#?

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12 November 2015

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