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crazydeveloper Angular 4 sample code with CRUD operations

Hi guys,
I got lots of mail regarding sample application developed in angular 4 using angular CLI with visual studio IDE. So I developed that application using following functionality.

Client-Side Development:
Angular 4.0, Core JavaScript, Angular CLI, Webpack, SystemJS, HTML5, Bootstrap 4

Server-Side Development:
.Net Framework 4.6, C#, Web API, Enity Framework

SQL Server

Important Points
· Lazy loading module
· Multi-level routing
· Share module with lazy loading
· Template & Model-driven forms
· Event emitter with Subject & Subscribe
· Control Change detection to increase performance
· Using modular and strategy design patterns
· Implemented Routing Auth Guard
· Local storage used to store data
· Web API request with JWT token
· Angular CLI ng-build for AOT compilation
· SystemJS builder for JIT compilation with bundling.

You can download full Angular 4 Sample Code here:

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