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crazydeveloper Key features of .Net Framework 4.7.1 โ€“ the current version

Let’s categorize the new and improved features included in the current version of .Net Framework, i.e. version 4.7.1 into the following areas:

  • Core
  • Common language runtime (CLR)
  • Networking
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04 April 2018

crazydeveloper Angular architecture patterns

Angular has the great environment and supporting tools which help you to get started and set basic hello world application. The great thing about starting with Angular is that there’s no tons of starter kits and boilerplates to waste time with, figuring out which one satisfies your needs. After a bit of googling you’ll find out there are only a few of them which have everything, you need to create a blank app. Here’s the list of the most popular ones:

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21 February 2018

crazydeveloper Angular 4 sample code with CRUD operations

Hi guys,

I got lots of mail regarding sample application developed in angular 4 using angular CLI with visual studio IDE. So I developed that application using following functionality.

Client-Side Development:
Angular 4.0, Core JavaScript, Angular CLI, Webpack, SystemJS, HTML5, Bootstrap 4

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05 November 2017

crazydeveloper New features and improvement in Angular 5

Angular 5, the next version of Google developed JavaScript frameworkAngular 5 is going to be a much better version and you will be able to take advantage of it. It's been an excitement for Angular developers as the wait is over with the arrival of Angular 5.

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05 November 2017

crazydeveloper Rules to find the Big O Notation

Today we will discuss the finding Big O Notation value. There are certain rules which help us to find that value. We will discuss the rules with example. Look at the following rules:

  • Keep the fastest growing term and discard the lower terms and constants value
  • Ignore Coefficients
  • If f(n) is constants, then we can say that f(n) is O(1)
  • When we compute the value of O notation then base of logarithm is not important
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26 August 2017

crazydeveloper Let Start Stack with Me

STACK : A Stack is an ordered List in which insertion and deletion are done at one end called TOP. In the simple terms we can say that the last element inserted is the first one to be deleted. That’s why, it is called the Last in First out (LIFO) or First in Last out (FILO).

Main Stack Operations:

1.) PUSH - Insert value in the Stack.

2.) POP - Removes and returns the last inserted value from the Stack.

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19 August 2017

crazydeveloper Difference Between WebGet and WebInvoke

WebGet (Commonly used to retrieve data) V/S WebInvoke (Commonly used for data input/update)

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09 July 2017

crazydeveloper JavaScript Function - Part 2

Functions in JavaScript

  • Function Examples
  • Use of anonymous functions
  • Usage of Nested Functions to simulate a where clause in LINQ
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28 January 2017

crazydeveloper JavaScript Basic Tutorial - Part 1

Language Basics

  • JavaScript is case sensitive
  • HTML is not case sensitive;   onClick, ONCLICK, … are HTML
  • Statements terminated by returns or semi-colons (;)
              x = x+1;    same as      x = x+1
  • Semi-colons can be a good idea, to reduce errors
  • “Blocks”
  • Group statements using  { … }
  • Not a separate scope, unlike other languages (see later slide)
  • Variables
Define a variable using the var statement
Define implicitly by its first use, which must be an assignment
Implicit definition has global scope, even if it occurs in nested scope?
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26 January 2017

crazydeveloper Parallel Programming with C#

There is an important approach of coding "Parallel programming". Now a days many workstation have multiple cores (CPU). What will happen if we have multiple core station but our approach of coding is serial program? The output is our program will still use one thread of a single core at a time. So, when times have changed and processors have greatly evolved we also changed our programming model and then after introduce the new programming model called "Parallel Programming Model.".

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28 August 2016

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